Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cheese Maker's Daughter: An Introduction to Laurel's Crown

SO, I fully admit this is FAR off the vegan beaten path that I've been strolling along for the last few weeks.
Cheese is definitely NOT vegan (this much I know).
However in this case it seems that I am extremely biased and felt I simply had to voice my extreme excitement over my lovely parents' success of living what they love.
And so, the truth comes out.

I am the daughter of  cheese makers. (GASP!)

But, it didn't start with cheese.  When the can opened, more than worms spilled out, the whole worm farm came with it (literally...go see the one in our backyard!).  In addition to mini hop farms in various areas of the property, there is always plenty of fresh veggies & herbs, though growing up we were regularly limited on green peppers (Thank you Murphy-the-German Shepard-Pepper-Stealer).

Since my departure to the east side of the state five years ago to start a home of my own, things have only flourished.  A miniature vineyard (four giant rows) has taken over the backyard & the dining room became a collection of wine carboys, corking supplies, cheese fridges, mocha jack cheese, spicy mocha jack, Leidin, Badge Mountain Blue, smoky jack, smoky chipolte jack, cabs, merlots &...WHEW!!!  

...And Laurel's Crown was born.

Now, 5 years down the road, Laurel's Crown is almost ready to go public!!!  Sometime in the near future, Laurel's Crown will soon be spreading their cheesy love to the masses :)  Congrats Mommy&Daddy!

Coming Soon...

Perhaps, Soy Cheese is in their future? :)

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